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Newsletter-july 9

THE UDAYAN CARE SUNRISEVol. I, No.9 Highlights of July - August, 2008
Udayan Care is a Public Charitable Trust, working for the last 14 years, for the quality care of disadvantaged children and women. The vision is to ‘Regenerate the rhythm of life of the disadvantaged’.In the Words of Children:
Moments of Pride!
Our PrideA history of deprivation did not deter Smitha Verma, our Udayan Shalini Fellow from becoming a model of compassion. After receiving Fellowship from us from Class XI onwards, she completed B.Tech from Indraprastha College and got a job at Fluor Daniel Construction & Refineries. As soon as she became independent, she volunteered to provide financial support to 2 girls in their studies. Even though many corporates and volunteers came forward with donations and help, what we really appreciated was a student –to – student contribution, made by Gaurav Ajmera, a B.Tech student of IIT, Delhi and his friends from INSPIRE group, Tarun, Geetika, Sandeep, Ayush, Ashish, Ritesh, Puneet Meena and Puneet Gupta. They raised Rs. 15,000/- for us out of their pocket money.Spokesperson, Congress man and a leading jurist, Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi, with his group of friends from 'Walkers' Gang' celebrated the birthday of their dear friend Mr. Memani (from Ernst & Young), with a difference. The group invoked blessings of God and the love of our children by donating a sum of Rs.51000/- to Udayan Care. Workforce Rejuvenated As a part of advocacy, Udayan Care participated in the formulation of J.J.Rules, alongwith many other NGOs.We participated in a workshop on ‘Communication Strategies for Social Change’, organized by American Center, New Delhi.With support from Kusuma Foundation and Udayan Care, the Program Coordinators received an opportunity to learn the art of raising funds, at the 19th International Conference, organized by South Asian Fund Raising Group, (SAFRG) in Agra. Dr. Modi, the Managing Trustee was invited to speak on Brand Building in the Conference.Udayan Care participated in Training on Entrepreneurship Skills, organized by Dhriiti.Techniques of motivating adolescents were discussed in great detail, in our Monthly Mentors’ Workshop and the same was introduced to the Caregivers. Home of Hope supports this monthly intervention.
Resham ki DorBOND 2008!Rakhi, a festival of love and affection is being celebrated at Udayan Care since years, with an aim of not only renewing the bond between the kinfolk but also enabling those who do not have or have lost their brothers and sisters, to find new attachments. Thus, children of all our Homes received yet another opportunity to develop a special bond between them, on the eve of Rakhi.Yet Another Home!With the continued support from Yaakov’s Light, Udayan Care is soon to open its 9th Home at Kurukshetra. This Home will be for girls (5th in succession). We seek your contribution in helping the orphaned and abandoned girls of your area find solace in this Home. (For further details, contact us on the numbers given below)Friendly AlliancesBrand Activation Support in partnership with Kaleidoscope organized a theatre initiative/festival, staged a show Karna; Warrior of the Sun at Siri Fort Auditorium. Passes to the show were allocated to Udayan Care free of Cost. Grabbing this opportunity, we brought all our children from all 7 Homes to watch this play. It was indeed an enjoyable event!Ms. Nupur Sachdeva from British Council of India, alongwith 10 British students visited our Greater Noida home on the 29th of July. Children entertained the visitors with a colorful cultural program that was followed by a football match between our girls and the visitors. DHL celebrated their Volunteers day with our children on the 9th of August. Four groups of volunteers visited Sant Nagar, Mayur Vihar, Mehrauli and Gurgaon homes and showed animation movies- Hanuman and ‘Ghatotkatch’. An extempore was organised on the topic, ‘Freedom and what it means to us’. Gen Pact has decided to facilitate health checkups for our children at Mehrauli. All for a ‘cause’Udayan Care has affiliated with the Teach India campaign, a Times of India initiative. We are overwhelmed by the responses of Teach India volunteers who registered for Udayan Care. We conducted three orientation sessions in the month of August and shall be placing Dipped in Colorabout hundred volunteers in all our eight homes soon. TERI, an NGO launched a book for children and requested our children to participate in a painting competition. Children from 3 of our Homes; Sant Nagar, Mehrauli and Gurgaon participated in the event. The theme chosen for this competition was 'Environment'. Prizes were given to the winners and certificates were issued to all the participants. It was a fun-filled evening for our children as they roamed about in the Mall enjoying their snacks, which were also sponsored by TERI. Children from all homes were invited to a picnic organized by Family Vision at Heritage Campus, Gurgaon. The kids really enjoyed the games and the sumptuous food arranged for them by the organizers. Our children participated in an event organized by Plan India at Rajghat. This was in succession to the painting competition that was organized earlier this year. 14 children from Udayan Care were amongst the select few who were invited for Group Discussion/ Extempore and other brainstorming sessions. Internationally ‘Ours’
Zulu!!!!Volunteers from Ireland, UK, Denmark, France, Australia and USA joined our various Homes and spent quality time with our children. Activities such as Zulu Dance and football matches were held at our boys’ Homes at Gurgaon and Noida.Martin Hoenel from Germany not only gave his services to our Noida Home for boys but also proved to be extremely useful in maintaining our huge database for USF, with the help of MIS Software. Besides many other activities, our volunteer Jesse introduced Soccer to our children at Greater Noida while Hannah Behrendt taught German language there.Corporate CooperateAs CSC started its 4th Batch with our children at Sant Nagar and Mayur Vihar, Xansa decided to take another plunge into our Corporate Mentoring Program while Google continued to mentor our children at Mehrauli. We THANK them for their efforts! UDAYAN SHALINI FELLOWSHIP :
No Tolerance MotionSay NO to Tobacco!130 Udayan Shalini Fellows participated in a social awareness campaign held at Mongolpuri on 27th July. Socio-economic impact of alcohol consumption and related health hazards were propagated in the community through attractive informative banners and pamphlets.USF Futchhas!About 440 girls were interviewed and screened for our Dehradun chapter. 200 candidates shall be selected and inducted within the next month. Just like Mahavir Sr. Model School, that supports our Delhi Chapter, Welham Girls School, Dehradun too provided us their venue for conducting these NAT (Need, Ambition, Talent) Tests. With great pleasure we here add that the School promised us its premises, staff and senior girls as volunteers for all future activities related to our USF Chapter in Dehradun. Activity Cornucopia
The Beginners3 Quarterly Workshops held simultaneously in Delhi, Kolkata and Kurukshetra discussed issues such as Sexual harassment, Women empowerment, Benefits of Yoga in great detail. 16 Mentors from our Dehradun Chapter were briefed on the USF Program and their roles and responsibilities within the Program. This Orientation was held at the IMA Blood Bank, Dehradun.Our second series of HR & Marketing classes commenced in August. Under this program, monthly sessions are held throughout the year for our beneficiaries.
UDAYAN OUTREACH PROGRAMME : A New BeginningMs. Anita, single mother of one of our beneficiaries started a new chapter in her life when she got married to a person of similar HIV status. This marriage was the third in succession, within this program.Facilitating AwarenessWorkshops conducted with the HIV+ve parents of our beneficiaries aimed at creating awareness on their right to medical treatment and the facilities available to them in government hospitals.
Tints & ShadesCreative Expression65 Children affected due to the HIV+ve status of their parents were given an opportunity to express their emotional turmoil through drawings and story telling. UDAYAN CARE COMPUTER TRAINING AND LEARNING CENTRES: Hear! Hear!One World South Asia organized a Community Radio Program wherein our CTLC Program Coordinators and 2 of our Alumni were invited to conduct a Program on Women Empowerment and Literacy. Ex.Prof. from JNU, Ms. Jaya Indrishan, was our chief guest who threw light on the situation of women in India and the importance of education in a woman’s life. This programme was aired on September 3rd.Community Engaged Of all our 5 CTLCs, our center at Narsinghpur has picked up real fast. Despite widespread ignorance, conservatism and poverty in the community, children have enrolled in this center and are on their path to progress.As a part of promotional activity, a cultural event was organized on 22nd July that included competitions in singing and drawing and potato and needle races.
Talking SenseMicrosoft helped us set up a model of our CTLC during a conference held at Pragati Maidan, on ICT for Development. Mr. Michael Rawding (Vice President – Microsoft Unlimited Potential Group) inaugurated the Microsoft Stall This model, in the form of a hut-like structure, with 2 PCs and a few chairs, was used by Mr. Anshuman Verma (Team Lease – Microsoft Unlimited Potential Group) to give a brief demonstration on our CTLCs and share information on our Unlimited Potential – Community Technology Skills Program.

FUNDRAISING ACTIVITIES : Our stalls at CSC, Convergys and Tech Mahindra sold products designed by the Udayan Care Design Studio, such as memo pads, fridge magnets, horse magnet frames, cat purses, laptrays, jewellery, T-shirts, carry bags, rag dolls, coffee mugs, tote bags, mufflers, silk tops and candles . . to name a few.To try out our products, visit our website or write to us for a catalog.
FORTHCOMING EVENTS : Pt. Chunnulal Mishra, the Indian Classical Music Maestro, has been invited to perform in a Musical Event being organized by us on17th and 18th Oct. We shall be sending out invitations soon.Marathon, 2008 (9th Nov.) You can contribute in our cause by running in the Marathon. For further details contact us at the address given below.Head Office, Udayan Care16/97 A, 1st Floor, Vikram Vihar, Lajpat Nagar-IV, New Delhi-110024, Tel.: 011-29840151/32603837, Telefax: 011-29840151For further details, visit us: e-mail us at:

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Vol. I, No.8

Highlights of May - June, 2008

Udayan Care is a Public Charitable Trust, working for the last 14 years, for the quality care of disadvantaged children and women. The vision is to ‘Regenerate the rhythm of life of the disadvantaged’.
Mr. Suresh Neotia, our long time associate and Ms. Meera Sawhney, our Board Member were requested to join us as our Trustees. Both of them gracefully agreed to the same. We thank them for accepting our request.
Credibility Alliance has given Udayan Care accreditation for compliance to Credibility Alliance’s ‘desirable norms’.
One of our Alumni, Ms. Swasthi Udayan left her cushy career in Hospitality and decided to work for the cause of orphaned and abandoned children. She joined us as Executive Assistant in the month of May, 2008.
Our New Abode!
Udayan Care now resides permanently at 16/97 A, First Floor, Vikram Vihar, Lajpat Nagar- IV, New Delhi. Shri Gobind Deoji Trust and Mr. Suresh Neotia, our Trustee, very kindly gifted us this premises and sponsored its entire furnishing and d├ęcor. We just cannot thank them enough.
Dreams turn real!
A joint effort of Singapore Airlines and Singapore Tourism Board made it possible for our children to realize their dreams of traveling abroad. 11 children from our 3 girls’ homes received an opportunity to visit Singapore between 9th and 12th of May, 2008 alongwith their Programme Coordinators. The entire expense of travel, boarding, lodging and also of visiting places was taken care of by them. Not only this, they also took care of a medical emergency wherein, one of our girls had to be taken to a Doctor as she suddenly became unwell.

At Singapore, the children were taken on a Night Safari and then to the zoological park to have breakfast with Orangutans. On a trip to Santosa Island, they enjoyed Luge, Cable Ride, Dolphin show, 4D Animation Show, Underwater World and what not.
Shopping rides to Boogie’s Village, Mustafa Shopping Center and China Town and delectable cuisine formed a part of the schedule.Shows such as ‘Songs of the Seas’, Bird Shows and Animal Shows tugged at their heartstrings as the children kept talking about them for days.
A certificate was presented by the Captain of the Flight in which the children traveled, which marked the beginning of wonderful and memorable moments ahead.
Skirmished Summers!
One-week camp was organized between 25th and 31st May, for the children at our Greater Noida Home. All children from all our homes participated in the Camp and enjoyed learning new skills. A range of articles such as scented sand candles, decorative glasses, rag dolls, bead jewellery and coasters were developed by the children for the purpose of fundraising. The fund raising team led by Ms. Isabel Sahni, one our mentor mothers organized this ‘learning through fun’ activity.

Another volunteer, Martin Honel taught the children how to create Balloon lamps, Pom-poms and sceneries, handprints, paperweights made of clay.
Besides these creative workshops, children also participated in debate, extempore, essay writing and poster making competitions. Mr. Daman Dev Sood, another volunteer conducted a workshop on Possibility Thinking.Prizes were given away to the children who came out with best looking products. Besides these, Mani Sharma Awards were also given to the children for best academic performance. Mrs. Sharma has launched this award in the memory of her son Mani Sharma. This monetary award is given away to our children every year.
The Camp wound up with an evening full of cultural programme and prize distribution followed by a joint celebration of Birthdays of all children born in the month of May.
In Feature !
An enchanting article on our Alumni, Ms. Swasthi Udayan and her life at Udayan Care Home featured in ‘andpersand’ magazine in the month of May, 2008. Extensive details of our organization also found many interested readers.

Corporate Collaborate !
As a part of Corporate Mentoring Programme, Xansa India invited all our girls from Greater Noida home for lunch at their office on the 6th of June. A video conferencing was organized between our children and the CSR Chief, Ms. Gayatri Mohan, who was in Chennai at that time and wanted to talk to our girls. Discussions on global warming followed games and the children spent a good time learning new things.
American Express organized training for our 17 children on Personal Effectiveness at their office in Gurgaon on the 7th of June. This was a full day training packed with activities such as personality grooming, table manners and professional etiquettes, dressing sense, time management and team building. Certificates of participation were presented to the children.
Volunteers from Google organized an event on environmental issues at two of our homes; Greater Noida and Mehrauli on the 18th and 19th of June respectively. Children from rest of the homes joined too.
Essay writing and Poster making competitions were organized and the children were briefed on various environmental issues such as ‘Global Warming’ and ‘Green House Effect’.
The team performed a very interesting skit on saving trees and made presentations on effects of pollution and on saving the environment.
Oriental Zaika, a restaurant in Neeti Bagh invited our children from Greater Noida Home for lunch on 26th June 2008. Its owner, Ms. Rekha Vohra Bhalla sponsored this event. Children enjoyed Chinese cuisine, which was different from their regular menu.
Adidas continued with its efforts to make ‘sportsmen’ out of our children. As a part of their intervention, the Adidas team took children of Gurgaon Home to watch live cricket match at Firozshah Kotla.

NGO Collaborate !
Youthreach continued to support our children by providing them with tennis coaching. Mr. Jaideep and Mr. Naresh coached our children at Panchsheel Club. Also, dance classes were held under the skillful guidance of Mr. Feroze from Ashley Lobo group. Family Vision, another non-profit organization visited our Sant Nagar Home and showed CDs and DVDs based on Value based Education to our children. Later, they presented us with 4 suitcases full of such CDs to be distributed to our other homes. This effort was made in collaboration with Oriental Bank of Commerce who organized funds for dissemination of CDs.
National & International Camaraderie !
Four students from Bluebells International School, New Delhi started teaching our girls at Sant Nagar while some students from Modern School joined us to complete their 50 hours of Social Work. A talented bunch of research students from Punjab University, Allahabad Agricultural Institute (Deemed University), Lady Sri Ram College and
University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun joined us in carrying out various researches. Thus, all our homes received opportunities of meaningful interaction with a number of volunteers from Delhi and outside.
Kristen Benson from Australia, Nikki Hartley, Jyothish Krishnan, Sonya Nanda, Adrien Lane, Dave Prager, Jenny Steeves, Katherine Rollins and Caitlin E Mason a biologist from USA, Steve Pearson and Jesse George-Nichol from Princeton University, USA Keren Williams and Danielle Laograo from UK and Hannah Behrendt from Germany volunteered with us at our various homes
Our Scorebooks !
Six of our children who appeared in Boards this year passed out with flying colours. Pinki, Ruchi (Greater Noida Home) and Kiran (Sant Nagar Home) passed out class XII with 80%, 72% and 60% marks respectively while Neelam (Greater Noida Home), Jyoti (Mehrauli Home) and Sachin (Mayur Vihar Home) passed class X with 75%, 68% and 59% marks respectively.
11 children scored above
90% marks while another 11 scored above 80% in their classes. 4 girls and 3 boys received A+ grades in Primary section.
Building Capacities !
Participated in a training programme on ‘Utilization of Volunteers’, organized by Joining Hands and conducted by Dr. Ajanta Chakravarty.
15 children from 4 homes participated in a programme ‘GENext’, that was organized by Doordarshan on the issue of ‘Drug Abuse and Youth’.
Were a part of National Convention on Child Rights, organized by Open Forum at National Bal Bhawan.
As a part of our capacity building programme, two interns from Punjab University did a Research study on ‘Essence of Relationships in Institutionalised Children’.
Attention- seeking Behaviour and Reinforcements were a few issues taken up under our Para Counseling Workshop during these two months. Our Mental Health Programme continues to be supported by Home of Hope.
Bonding Anew !
The first residential camp of the year was held at Jagshanti Udayan Care, Greater Noida from 15th June to 21st June 08. Besides a series of workshops held on ‘Leadership qualities’, debates on various social issues, quiz competitions and essay writings enriched the girls. They also received a chance of going to a nearby village for a survey and imparted information on the importance of Computer education in life. Ms. Priyanka from Breakthrough
, an organization working on the rights of women, took a session on ‘Domestic Violence’ with our girls. The Fellows also attended a comprehensive workshop on leadership by Mr. Vikram Dutt, our honoraray Advisor, Core Committee Member and Mentor.
Scaling Newer Heights !
The USF Programme has spread its wings to two more places; Dehradun in Uttarakhand and Aurangabad in Maharashtra. A Core Committee has been set up in Dehradun and our workstation is in place now. Mr. M.P.Mittal has agreed to be our convenor for Dehradun chapter. Efforts have been initiated for inducting 200 Fellows at our Dehradun chapter, which is being supported by Kusuma Foundation. As a result of our successful communication with the Ministry, various government institutions have been directed to provide all necessary assistance to us for making this programme a success.
At Aurangabad, the Committee has been formed by a group of devoted and dedicated ladies who have taken up this challenge. Ms. Monika Dass has very gracefully agreed to be our Convenor there. 8 girls have already appeared for our induction test ‘NAT’.

Donors Assist !
Besides helping us with funds, the Bharti Foundation has this time gone a step further and identified for us a few more dedicated souls who shall be mentors to our Bharti Udayan Shalini Fellows. We were able to organize an initial meeting of these Mentors with our girls on 14th June.
Grouped together!
Three small group workshops were conducted on issues such as ‘Choice of Career and Courses, Leadership etc. during this period.
Kurukshetra activated !
The first quarterly workshop and cheque distribution for the year 2008-09 was conducted on 9th May 08, for our Fellows at Kurukshetra. Dr. Kiran Modi, Mr. Vikram Dutt, and the Senior Programme coordinators visited Kurukshetra University where Mrs Usha Bajpai the wife of the hon’ble vice chancellor of Kurukshetra University graced the occasion. The theme of this workshop was ‘Developing Effective Communication Skills’.
Putting Life in Rhythm !
Workshop on ‘Rhythm of life of the HIV+ve’ was conducted wherein a discussion was held with an aim to develop a desire amongst the HIV+ve to lead a quality life. Time Management was another topic on which discussions were held with them.
With an aim to develop confidence and a feeling of trust in the children of the HIV+ve people, workshops were held with them. Over 64 children affected by HIV participated in these workshops.
We Embrace!
Home visits were conducted not only to assess the health and financial status of the HIV affected but also to make them feel a part of the society. It was found that people in general estranged such families and avoided any contact with them. Our visit to their homes not only brings joy to the families but also helps in transforming the prejudiced society.
Efforts succeed !
Our efforts to motivate children of HIV+ve parents resulted in 3 children (2 girls and 1 boy) passing out Class X with very good percentage.
150 new students were enrolled at our Centers while 51 certificates (30 at Dharuhera, 11 at Badarpur and 10 at Gurgaon center) were awarded to the passing out students.
Mass Awakening !
A publicity campaign was conducted on 28th and 29th May, 2008 in the Badarpur area by the students and faculties of Kisawarna Udayan Care Computer Learning Center. The purpose of the campaign was to make people aware of computer education and its importance.

On 19th June, our Survey Team consisted of Fellows from our USF Program who approached around 100 people in Sakipur village, Greater Noida and gave them information about our Udayan Care computer Training & Learning Center, Microsoft certification of the courses provided by the center and other facilities. As a result, lots of queries were generated which were deftly handled by the Coordinators.
Match ‘Mobilizing’ !
Cricket being the most popular game in India, there could have been no other medium to mobilize the local population and make them aware about the importance of learning computer. With this idea in mind a cricket match was organized to mobilize the community and get them interested in computer learning, in Dharuhera Center on 31st May.
Draped for Udayan Care !
Andpersand Magazine, India's leading luxury lifestyle magazine hosted a party on 8th May at Kuki, GK II to raise funds for Udayan Care. The evening was highlighted by an auction of a one-of-a-kind haute couture creation by Gauri and Nainika Karan. One of these creations was purchased by Mr. Naveen Talwar, our long time donor and associate.
Besides the auction, the party also saw an exhibition of paintings by India's leading painters to raise funds for Udayan Care.
Young inventors !
A plethora of articles were designed by our children during their Summer Camp this year. Under the skillful guidance of Ms. Isabel Sahni, Ms. Julie Lantry, Sukhmani, Shipra Harshita and Swasthi children from all 7 homes joined hands in creating beautiful articles such as scented sand candles, decorative glasses, rag dolls, bead jewellery and coasters.
The Design Team was sad to bid farewell to Inger Alsted, who has returned to Denmark. We will remember her every time we look at our 2009 calendar, which she designed. We acknowledge, with grateful thanks, the help given to us by Mr. Dinesh Joshi in finalising the details of the calendar
The team has been busy developing products to show to Indian companies. It is hoped that Udayan Care will be able to procure orders and create a new source of fund-raising. Julie Lantry, a leading member of the Design Lab will be returning to Australia in July and we are very grateful to her for all her help. She will be representing Udayan Care at the Melbourne Trade Fair. We have high hopes of not only achieving good orders but also of increasing the visibility of Udayan Care. We look forward to welcoming Julie back towards the end of this year.In the coming weeks we will be approaching corporates with samples of our products and would be grateful for any assistance in this effort.
In the forthcoming months, we plan to do a series of events ranging from music concerts to fashion shows.
A new Udayan Care home is coming up in Kurukshetra, courtesy Yaakov’s Light and Home of Hope.

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Change Of address

The office of Udayan care has been shifted to a new location

Udayan Care16/97 A, Vikram Vihar, Lajpat Nagar IV,New Delhi 110024

Those of you who would like to volunteer or help in any way possible ,can get in touch ,the nos. are:
Ph: 32016122 / 32603837/24527825

Friday, May 23, 2008

Udayan Care is a Public Charitable Trust, working for the last 14 years, for the quality care of disadvantaged children and women. The vision is to 'Regenerate the rhythm of life of the disadvantaged'.
Eventful days!
With the active participation of Sanjay Gupta and Anurag Gupta from American Express, and their team of volunteers, such as Archana Bhatia (HR) and Atul Kapoor (Finance) as well as volunteers from their process management team, we are all geared up to improvise best practices as well as evolve a manual of policies and procedures for consolidation and expansion of our programmes.

Our Policy on Child Protection got finalised with the help of a German volunteer, Ms. Melanie Effenburger. Almost 3 months were spent on this very participatory process with all the stakeholders, mentor parents, the professional staff, caregivers, volunteers and children.
We participated in various consultations, including the one organized by Prayas on J.J.Rules, and QIC&AC.
Udayan Shalini Fellowships Programme is now geared up for launching the chapters in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, and Dehradoon, Uttaranchal.
Now we have over 64 children affected with HIV/AIDS in our fold. Indian Oil Corporation and Mr. Seth Call also joined in to support our Udayan Outreach Programme with the existing donors like Kidstuf Promos & Events and some individuals.
Our Uttam Nagar Computer Training and Learning Center was shifted to Greater Noida. The strength at our 5 centers grew up to 3052.

International Contribution !
Kristen Benson, our international volunteer coordinator from Australia, is back at our New Delhi Office and is bringing additional advantages to the Program.
Melanie Effenburger from Germany helped develop training programs for our newly instated Child Protection Policy and Niti (USA) and Kachina trained the girls in Sant Nagar Home.
Julien Lesenechal and Antoine from France finished their voluntary assignment at the Gurgaon home after 5 months, and left behind a beautiful, artistic impression on the walls of newly painted home.
Martin Hoenel and Phillip Wolf from Germany began working full time in the office after spending last 6 months in the Noida boys home.
Debbie from UK began focusing on English speaking lessons with the very eager group of boys at Gurgaon Home.
Our Interns!
Twelve students from several reputed Indian colleges and universities have successfully completed their internships with Udayan Care. We extend our thanks to Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication and Jaypee Business School, Noida for sending their students to our organization for summer training/ internship. We wish to have a long-term association with these institutions.
Aiming at Perfection !
The Credibility Alliance conducted an audit for our organization wherein the designated assessor checked all the documents and made a visit to our Homes at NOIDA and Greater Noida. He took away a very positive impression of our organization.
Yet Another Award !
Dr. Kiran Modi, our Managing Trustee was presented with a bursary to attend an International Conference on Fundraising at San Diego, USA.
Presentations Galore !
Dr. Modi made an inspiring presentation at Princeton University that was attended by professors from different faculties, students and our already signed up international volunteers. Mr. Ricky Surie, our long time donor and friend organized this event and another with the elite gathering of Mc Kinsey Development Group where some very interesting suggestions came up.
Another opportunity came when, Mr. Suresh Neotia, our member and long time donor, invited a few important people of Kolkata at his residence on 12th April and presented Udayan Care with a very appealing speech. Dr. Kiran Modi's presentation of Udayan Care's work was truly appreciated. Our Convenor, Kolkata Chapter, Ms Kusum Bhandari's emotional appeal also had a great impact.

CONTINUUM- The Cycle of Life
Drops and Splashes !
Children from all 6 homes contributed to the event by making beautiful paintings under the skillful guidance of Ms. Mithu Sen, the famous artist. They also took part in the film being developed on the organization, which was to be shown during the exhibition.
Charity of Choice !
The Metropolitan Hotel, New Delhi launched Udayan Care as the hotel's charity of choice in an exclusive luncheon on the 25th of March 2007. The lunch was hosted by Metropolitan Hotel where Udayan Care's friends and life long volunteers participated. The interactive event also helped Udayan Care promote its impending art-show Continuum-a cycle of life. The Metropolitan hotel has very kindly decided to dedicate rent of one of their Suites to Udayan Care.

Udayan Care successfully conducted its first major art exhibition Continuum-the cycle of lif, on 5th and 6th April, with Hyatt Regency, Delhi so graciously playing the co-hosts. With 121 artworks from the best of contemporary Indian artists, curated by the noted Curators Sushma Bahl and Archana B. Sapra, the exhibition showcased plurality of thoughts in physical, metaphorical, theological, philosophical, socio-political or conceptual essence through a wide range of art works in different aesthetics, materials, techniques, styles and sizes-
Signing Ontwo or three dimensional- paintings or drawings or sculptures or new media- digital, installation or other forms of art. The objective of the show was to raise funds for our ninth home, which is being constructed in Modinagar; U.P. With some artists donating full amount to some half of the sale proceeds from their works for the cause, the event proved to be a celebrity event with Chitrangda Singh endorsing the cause of Udayan Care with her presence. The corporate society too contributed to this creative art project and helped raise funds for the cause. Perfect Relations took up their job of creating awareness about Udayan Care and the exhibition so perfectly!!! Vatica Group as usual supported whole-heartedly. We are truly thankful to all the others like Coca Cola and Professional Couriers for encouraging us by partnering with us in the event. The beautiful invites and the catalogues, so masterfully printed by Ajanta Offset Printing Press, were appreciated hugely by one and all. Meenu and Meetu of ROOTs fame put in their dazzling event management skill and the audience had a taste of soulful Sufi music and modern dance. The young and lively painter, Sakshi Nayar compered the event.
Product Raisers
A brainchild of Isabel Sahni, the mentor mother of Sant Nagar Home, our Design Studio has the active participation of various professionals to design new products and identify target markets, besides Madhu Gupta, mentor mother, Mayur Vihar Home and Shreela Bajoria, a member. We are grateful to the following for rendering us their precious time and support :
Julie Lantry
a fashion designer from Australia, currently based in Delhi
Swati Jain
a textile designer who specializes in sourcing work from village craftsmen and has her own production unit in Noida
Ashish Srivastava
producer of household novelty items for the export market and has a wealth of knowledge of the local market
Inger Alsted
graphic designer from Germany
Triveni Mahajan
jewellery designer
Bess Nielsen
textile designer from Denmark, based in Paris, expert on Khaadi

Udayan Ghars (HOMES) :
The final countdown began in the month of March as results of final exams started coming out. We had a reason to celebrate as we achieved 98% success this year.
Practice SessionThose children who appeared for their Board exams of Class X and XII are still awaiting their results.
Workshop on Counseling Skills, being conducted by Dr. Deepak Gupta and Ms. Priyanka Goenka continued for our Mentor Mothers, Caregivers as well as the Program Coordinators.
At our Sant Nagar Home for Girls :
Delegates from the British High Commission, including Ms. Wendy Butler, Chairman, Charity Committee and the wife of Deputy High Commissioner paid a visit to the home and made a magnanimous donation of draperies and linen, clothes, suitcases, cushions and what not.
Kiran Udayan, awaiting her Class XII result, succeeded in getting a summer job at Mc Donalds’, Greater Noida.
At our Mayur Vihar Home for Boys :
CWC Members visited our Home on the 8th of March.
At our Mehrauli Home for Girls :
American Express gifted movie coupons to our children at Mehrauli Home, which they made use of on the 2nd of March to watch Jodha Akbar at PVR, Saket.
An Award Function was organized at Uppal’s Orchid on the 15th of March by HDFC Bank, for their employees. A few children from our Mehrauli Home, accompanied by our Managing Trustee, Dr. Kiran Modi, were invited to the function where the children were treated with snacks and given a bagful of stationeries. HDFC Bank also so graciously donated a cheque of Rs 1,00,000/-.
Children looked forward to the volunteers from Google to do various activities with!!!
At our Greater Noida Home for Girls :
Pinki Biswas and Ruchi Mahajan too succeeded in getting summer jobs for themselves. Pinki has started working as a Front Office Executive at M.P.S. Technologies Limited while Ruchi is working at Mc Donalds, Greater Noida. We hope they have a great experience working there and learn a lot!
At our Gurgaon Home for Boys:
Fidelity invited our boys to play Holi and have lunch with them. All our boys had a gala time there.
Raring to Dare!
Our boys were treated to a practice session between the Delhi Daredevils and the Rajasthan Royals at Ferozeshah Kotla Stadium on Friday 18th April. The children met the Australian cricketer Glenn McGrath and took his autographs while chatting with him. A big THANK YOU to adidas for organizing this event for our boys.
A group of 10 corporate volunteers from GE India spent an afternoon at the Guragon boy’s home on Saturday the 19th April. The day was jam packed with games and competitions and prizes were distributed later.
At our Noida Home for Boys :
24th of March proved to be a memorable day for our 9 boys of the Yaakov’s Light Udayan Ghar, as they received admission in Rockwood School.
At our Noida Home for Girls :
We received the much-awaited license to run a second Home in partnership with Yaakov's Light and Home of Hope, at Noida, this time for our girls. Currently, we are in the process of bringing in girls, who hail from U.P., to the home.
At our Pratap Nagar Home for Boys :
We await a license for our newest and the eighth home at Pratap Nagar.
The architectural designs for the 9th Home at Modinagar U. P. are all ready to start work.
At our Modinagar Home for Girls :
The architectural designs for the 9th Home at Modinagar U. P. are all ready to start work.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

In an effort to raise funds SKILLSLAB is being organised by Mr. Rajiv Khurana, international management trainer, certified management consultant, author and newspaper coulmnist with over 27 years of professional experience. The funds raised would be used for UDAYAN GHAR projects.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

This is Rahul Anand, who is very fortunate to be a part of this organisation , and help in whatever little way I can. This is basically a forum to discuss,contemplate issues regarding what more could done for the unprivileged children and how Udayan Care is doing an amazing job in this regard.And to discuss various innovative ideas to help children learn, prosper and develop a well rounded personality , so that they can become confident, independent individuals.

Also, volunteers can tell us about their experiences , and also various new developments that will be happening will be updated on the blog.

P.S: guys , anybody who is interested in volunteering, CSR or contributing in whatever way, plz. check out the udayancare website.