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Udayan Care is a Public Charitable Trust, working for the last 14 years, for the quality care of disadvantaged children and women. The vision is to 'Regenerate the rhythm of life of the disadvantaged'.
Eventful days!
With the active participation of Sanjay Gupta and Anurag Gupta from American Express, and their team of volunteers, such as Archana Bhatia (HR) and Atul Kapoor (Finance) as well as volunteers from their process management team, we are all geared up to improvise best practices as well as evolve a manual of policies and procedures for consolidation and expansion of our programmes.

Our Policy on Child Protection got finalised with the help of a German volunteer, Ms. Melanie Effenburger. Almost 3 months were spent on this very participatory process with all the stakeholders, mentor parents, the professional staff, caregivers, volunteers and children.
We participated in various consultations, including the one organized by Prayas on J.J.Rules, and QIC&AC.
Udayan Shalin…
In an effort to raise funds SKILLSLAB is being organised by Mr. Rajiv Khurana, international management trainer, certified management consultant, author and newspaper coulmnist with over 27 years of professional experience. The funds raised would be used for UDAYAN GHAR projects.