RUN FOR HOPE:Delhi Half Marathon 2009

The Delhi Half Marathon offers an excellent opportunity to extend a helping hand in raising funds for social causes.

In the last 3 years, more than 75,000 Delhi-ites ran the 6 km Great Delhi Run as well 21 kms half marathon, raising more than Rs. 4.5 crores for social organisations.

Udayan Care has raised Rs. 51 lakhs and over 600 people ran for us from 2005 - 2008.

We have to build our 11th Children's home in Dehradun, for which a benevolent donor has given a beautiful piece of land. This Home shall keep 24 kids away from the misery & cruelty of streets and provide them all opportunities to grow into better citizens of tomorrow. Your support at the event 2009 will help to transform the lives of many, many more such innocent lives.

The two ways in which you can represent our cause in the Delhi Half Marathon 2009 are:

1.Become a DREAM TEAM member: A Dream team member is an individual who commits to collect at least Rs 1 lakh for Udayan Care purely through personal contacts. But she/he has to pay Rs.10,000 upfront as personal contribution.

2.Corporate Challenge: A Company that contributes a minimum of Rs 2.09 lakhs and sends a group of upto 30 employees to run for Udayan Care.

The facebook page for confirming your attendance is here (login into facebook before clicking this!!)

Make sure you are there!!


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