Life can be Changed

One of our children, Sanjay Udayan, wrote a beautiful story about a little boy named Shlok and how his life changes when he finds a home to call his own. Read on to find out more! Post your thoughts about Sanjay's story and encourage him to bolster his writing skills.

Twenty years ago in West Bengal, six friends were living together in a mud house on the street. They didn’t have a job. Rajeev and Rohan used to steal things from shops and Ravi and Hippo tom used to pick up the waste from the roads. Remaining two of them worked in a tea stall on a road.

One day Shlok thought to study in a good school but he had no extra money for school fees. He thought to find a rich man who could give his school fees and stay with him like parents, so that no one can say that “he is an orphan”.

At 7 pm, a man came to that tea stall and requested him to give a cup of tea but Shlok didn’t listen because he was trying to read a torn piece of a book. The man again requested to give him a cup of tea. The man saw that the child is trying to read something.

He went closer to him and asked ”My dear child, are you trying to read something?” Shlok replied in affirmative that he wanted to read the paper but he wasn’t able to read it. The man positively said that I will teach you but I don’t have any son, so would you come with me to live with me as my son? I promise that you will never feel orphan ever again”. The child instantly replied yes. He introduced himself saying, “I am Shlok and I am ten years old and want to study in a good school”. The man introduced himself as Manoj and said that he doesn’t have a son. Instantly Shlok said, “I am your son”.

After reaching home, Manoj’s family gathered and inquired who that boy is with Manoj and why he had brought him home? Manoj calmed everyone and asked to serve him something to eat and wear. Shlok filled his stomach with delicious meal and was looking smart in new clothes. While enjoying in his new house he imagined that his old friends were looking for him at the tea stall. At night he had a dream that he was enjoying with his friends. In the morning, he discussed with his father that he is missing his friends and wanted to go back. But his father said that he would have new friends and they would help him. He went to “The Golden Bird public School” for admission.

There he got admission in 3rd class. One day he won the 1st position for the best painting in a school competition. Everyone got surprised and he became the star of the school. By doing hard work, he also made a position among the class toppers. He was also good in sports and won many Laurels for the school. In the game of life, Shlok was able to succeed and became the famous ‘Artist Shlok’ after 12 years of hard work.


Ina said…
well done sanjay...
It seems that you understood the importance of hard work in your life and even more important, the necessarity of having a goeal, which you try to reach always in your life.

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