Testimonials of our Wonderful Interns

Read about our interns, Sowmya Sarathy and Chitra Surana's internship experience with Udayan Care! While Sowmya interned with our Big Friend Little Friend Programme, Chitra lent her skills to our Communications Department.

"I had a great experience working with Udayan Care. Out of the many things that I liked, there are two very striking features. The first is the level of professionalism exhibited by the employees of Udayan Care. I have been to many NGOs, but they are usually dainty places, with very little enthusiasm among staff. However, Udayan Care staff were motivated, energetic and highly professional (Like in a Corporate Company, only much kinder). The second thing that I loved about Udayan Care was the atmosphere it has created for the underprivileged children. Children here feel more confident, happier and at home compare to many other NGOs that I have visited. These are the striking features that I remember when I think about Udayan Care and the memory that I have had here, I shall always cherish." - Sowmya Sarathy, International Management Institute (IMI)

" I interned at Udayan Care for six weeks last summer and it proved to be one of the most satisfying experience of my life. The thing that touched me most is the cause that this organization works for. I have seen the kind of difference they have brought in the lives of its children. Those kids, who were once orphaned and abandoned without any hope for future, today lead a comfortable life of dignity and self reliance. I admire Kiran Modi, Founder and Managing Trustee-Udayan Care, for her dedication and will to make this society, this world a better place for the children.

Spirt, thy name is life” This is the most important learning which I am taking back from Udayan Care. Everybody in the organization, from the kids to the mentor mothers, shows immense will and spirit to move on with life. In spite of the ordeal they have gone through in the past they have learned how to smile and take the world in its stride." - Chitra Surana, Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications, Pune


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