Poems by Sanjay Udayan

Sanjay Udayan, our budding writer and artist, has come up with some wonderful poems. Read on and encourage him to keep writing!

Nature and beauty

I understood the beauty,
When I was on my duty ,
The duty was to see the nature ,
Men or the God who is the creator.

Figures of plants , trees, birds and human ,
I want to find difference between men and women ,
The face of a child ,
I want to see the animals wild.

God is great who made all these ,
But human are the worst who misused all these ,
Cutting down the trees and forest ,
Making birds fly and animals cry.

Making roads, buildings every where ,
Not giving the space to animals to stay somewhere ,
Forgetting our duty that ,
We have to save the nature and beauty. 


Oh’ my God  , the traffic
Helding  everywhere ,
There is no space ,
To move some where .

All four sides  of the road ,
Are covered with cars ,
I don’t have the space ,
To look so far .

Why the companies ,
Making new and new cars ,
If the pollution ,
Touching the bar .

Cars and busses ,
Scooters  and bikes ,
Are invented day by day ,
Because we people giving the way.

Stop using cars and bikes ,
use  the public vehicles ,
which everyone like ,
and making the future ,
so bright and bight .


Success is what you get
Success is what you wrote,
Success is what you thought
Success is what you plan
Success is what you do
Success is what you imagine,
Success is what you dream
Success is what you want
Success is what you see
Success is like a light
Making your future so bright


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