Trip to Ranthambore

At once everyone thanks God for his/her successes but I am the lucky one because I always get a chance to thank God for providing me such a wonderful  family with beautiful  mentor mother, Sharma di ,Rahul Bhaia, Joshi uncle, many brothers, friends, care keepers and obviously my sweet Bua .

They all never give me any chance to cry or to feel alone but only this is not enough, right? So, you will be very happy to know that I am the lucky charm who gets a lot love ,care and many chances to go on trips at different –different places during our holidays. This year, I went to Rajasthan. Oh! Are you thinking, why I went there in the summers as the temperature is very hot and dry. Right? But don’t worry, my trip was to Ranthambore in Rajasthan.  Here all animals are kept safely and cared by our Government  of  India.This park is specially for our national animal, Tiger. Weather was very good as compared to Delhi .

As we came to know about the national park of tigers, we made our aim to see the tigers. We have seen many tigers in the zoo but not in a jungle, roaming free, without any fear! Guess what? We succeeded. I know you are smiling but know you will laugh with the happiness. Do you know why?  Because along with tigers, we were able to see many other animals like monkeys, different birds, types of deer and many other animals .

Do you know, what we learned after watching movies and  photos related to tigers and other animals? We learned very important information about tigers. The jungle is as big as 2400 km and but tigers, on the other hand, were only 45 including their young ones. Friends, we must support our Government on Tiger's project to save them. 

After watching the animals, we came back to where we were staying and rested for an hour. Then we swam and watched T.V, talked to our friends and lastly, had dinner. We ate Naan , rice, and many  other things were there to eat. We also clicked lots of photographs. I have 358 pictures of me and my friends! This was our first day of trip.

Next Morning, we woke up early got ready for the next visit. But first we had our breakfast and then we sat in our safari  and went to see Ranthambore Fort which was vase on emperor hammier and his palace.
We saw temples of different Gods and Goddesses. Total number of temples were 18 but the area was so big, that if you tried to move on foot, I am sure your knee and legs will hurt. But we did it happily as we were really excited.We came back to our hotel and rested. We played many interesting games one of which was the Spider Web. In this game, we had to pass from a spider web one by one . We were divided in groups and I was the leader of my group. We started planning to do the task and you know what? We won the game! All the games made us hungry and we ate snacks. Then it was time for another photo shoot. 

We sat together and discussed how we felt about this trip. We also watched a movie called 'Born Free'. After dinner, we packed our bags to start our journey back home. 

So friends, how did you feel after reading this page? Did you understand how I am the luckiest and the favorite child of God? This is the reason. Thank you God for giving me such a wonderful chance. 

Sanjay Udayan
Udayan Ghar, Mayur Vihar - 1


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