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My Udayan Ghar

Udayan Ghar
Udayan is my Ghar and I will never be tired of praising Udayan Because it has given me a life. Not only a life, A happy life. I think everyone wants to know what Udayan gave me right? Ok I will tell you. I knew how to walk, Udayan showed me the way. I knew where my lungs are, Udayan gave me the breath. I knew how to smile, Udayan made me laugh. I knew how to study, Udayan gave me one of the best schools to study. All these things Udayan gave me. Every time when I am asked to describe Udayan, Believe me Its not at all tough! Words keep coming in my mind like anything, And Udayan has become a part of my life till now. I have been living here since six years. Very oftenly I get tears when my mother died. I thought my life has just finished. But when I entered this home, I realized that no, my new life has already begun. I used to be incomplete, but since I am in Udayan, I am totally complete. I have each and everything which a child should have now how much do I need! Thanks to Udayan! Love you. <3