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Childhood Wishes

It’s Christmas and while as a family we’ve never celebrated it, we‘ve always wished our friends a ‘Merry Christmas’. I happened to be talking to a friend today – Christmas Day and her five year old came on the line and wished me a “Merry Christmas”. And in the same breath shared that “Santa gave me a magic and sweater and jeans.” I complained that “Santa never gave me anything” and she had a ready logic that “he only gives to small children.”
As a child I too wished – that the tooth fairy would place beautiful stationary under my pillow, that God would make me stand 1st in class, that my uncle would get me colour pencils from abroad, that Mom would buy me party sandals ...... the list never ended! I thought that over the many years since I was a child, children today would have fancier wishes – mobile phones, ipads, digital cameras.......  I was pleasantly surprised when I came across a wish list of children from Udayan Care – an NGO that nurtures children who are orphaned or abandoned…

Human Rights for all

10 December 1948 marked International Human Rights Day, the day that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was adopted. In honour of this occasion, the winter session our Parliamentraised the issues of human rights violations in Tibet and Jammu and Kashmir.Similar issues were discussed by civil society organisations, including a talk onhuman right violations against refugees in India, that I had the opportunity to attend.

On a day that we reaffirm our commitment to Human Rights, principles enshrined in the UN declaration, and our own constitutional values of ‘economic, social and political justice,’it is of course befitting to give due attention to some of the grossest violations of human rights that take place across the world, reflected in these various forums be it parliament or society at large. However, it is perhaps as important to acknowledge thathuman rights is not isolated to a single region, community,or particular event in our country.
The discourse on Human Righ…

Social Innovation Program with Udayan Care – School Of Inspired Leadership, Gurgaon

School Of Inspired Leadership, Gurgaon has the Social Innovation Program which is an internship with an NGO for a year, one ay each week. Our team comprising of Sukriti, Anvesh, Samik and Anil wanted to intern with Udayan Care because of its commendable work towards child care and education. When the four of us came together to form a team and decide on a an NGO to work for, we could clearly see that our values- Sustainability, Diversity, Ethics, Compassion, Mindfulness, which have been imbibed in us from the very first day at SOIL align very well with the values of Udayan Care.
It has been little more than 4 months now and even now, every Thursday we are full of energy and zeal to come to the Lajpat Nagar Head Office of Udayan Care and spend the day full of new tasks and challenges. Working at Udayan Care has taught us numerous things. Most importantly, it has made us realise the value of education, love and family in our lives. When we met the children at Mayur Vihar Ghar on our fir…