Childhood Wishes

It’s Christmas and while as a family we’ve never celebrated it, we‘ve always wished our friends a ‘Merry Christmas’. I happened to be talking to a friend today – Christmas Day and her five year old came on the line and wished me a “Merry Christmas”. And in the same breath shared that “Santa gave me a magic and sweater and jeans.” I complained that “Santa never gave me anything” and she had a ready logic that “he only gives to small children.”

As a child I too wished – that the tooth fairy would place beautiful stationary under my pillow, that God would make me stand 1st in class, that my uncle would get me colour pencils from abroad, that Mom would buy me party sandals ...... the list never ended!
I thought that over the many years since I was a child, children today would have fancier wishes – mobile phones, ipads, digital cameras.......  I was pleasantly surprised when I came across a wish list of children from Udayan Care – an NGO that nurtures children who are orphaned or abandoned. It was heartening to read the simple wishes children had – a school bag, pencil box, dress,  sandal, jeans among many others,

And yes, the five year old who wished me today was absolutely right - he (Santa in this case) only gives small children because they ask with a complete trust that all their wishes will be fulfilled. It is that innocence which lives in us as children that makes us Wish. A fleeting innocence because childhood becomes a memory before we know it. To let my belief in the tooth fairy, Santa and all the others live on, I am going to fulfil a child’s wish.  

 Meenakshi Kohli
Advocating Equal Rights for every child


Sonali Kamboj said…
I couldn't agree more! Little children's wishes come true because they never stop believing in the magic of it all. There's a Santa and a tooth fairy in all of us and we need to do more so that each day is nothing short of Christmas for these lovely children.
Wish you happy new year to you and your family ..
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