Social Innovation Program with Udayan Care – School Of Inspired Leadership, Gurgaon

School Of Inspired Leadership, Gurgaon has the Social Innovation Program which is an internship with an NGO for a year, one ay each week. Our team comprising of Sukriti, Anvesh, Samik and Anil wanted to intern with Udayan Care because of its commendable work towards child care and education. When the four of us came together to form a team and decide on a an NGO to work for, we could clearly see that our values- Sustainability, Diversity, Ethics, Compassion, Mindfulness, which have been imbibed in us from the very first day at SOIL align very well with the values of Udayan Care.

It has been little more than 4 months now and even now, every Thursday we are full of energy and zeal to come to the Lajpat Nagar Head Office of Udayan Care and spend the day full of new tasks and challenges. Working at Udayan Care has taught us numerous things. Most importantly, it has made us realise the value of education, love and family in our lives. When we met the children at Mayur Vihar Ghar on our first day at Udayan Care in July, we could see the love and Care that they receive from their mentor mothers and the great enthusiasm with which each one of them talked about everything that happened that day at their school.  

We have learned how to make the most of whatever you have. Since an NGO does not have as much resources at their disposal as a business organisation does, we have to “do more with less” It has taught us how to utilise resources to their optimum without wastage. Also, an NGO works in a very different way from a business organisation. Things are way more difficult and challenging.  Working for Udayan Care has given us the most practical exposure of all the management theories and models that we study at SOIL in a very challenging way which has proved to be the best learning so far.  SOIL has even analysed a pattern which shows that whoever is able to work and succeed in this Social Innovation Program has proven to be successful at his workplace.

One of our really great experiences at Udayan Care was volunteering for the India NGO Awards 2011 as Udayan Care Interns. Volunteering for the event was in itself a great learning experience for all of us. We went back into the flashbacks of our college fest days. But the most amazing part of the whole ceremony was Udayan Care’s victory as the best NGO in the Medium Scale Category. It was then that we realised the strong bond that had developed between us and Udayan Care in just 4 Thursday visits. The pride and happiness that we felt when Udayan Care’s name was called out showed our sense of ownership and belongingness with our NGO partner. This event also made each of us realise the labour and toil that goes beyond the success of an NGO, be it small medium or a large scale NGO. What matters is your passion for the cause that you are working for, and your dedication towards achieving the Vision of your organisation.

We have covered half our journey at Udayan Care and it has been amazing. We are thankful to SOIL for giving us the opportunity to work for such a great organisation as Udayan Care. We are also thankful to Udayan Care for giving us this opportunity to attend this event as volunteers. Proud to be working for Udayan Care!

-Sukriti Sinha
-Anvesh Apale
-Samik Roy Choudhury
-Anil Kumar
Interns, Udayan Care


shital pagare said…
Its very Nice.
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