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A Long Forgotten Lesson of Happiness

Just a few days back I had a life changing experience. An experience that taught me a lesson long forgotten, a lesson given to me by a child, a lesson that reminded me the joy of giving and sharing.
Engrossed in the zeal of attaining more, be it power, wealth or fame we tend to forget that in the process we are just hoarding everything and the irony is we don’t even have time to enjoy or relish what we have attained.
Am sure everyone was told at least once when they were young that happiness is increased when it is shared, but honestly when was the last time we shared something good, like praise, achievement or a present? Am not including pain and sorrows because that comes naturally to us – the adults, the mature ones.
Only a week back I managed to take out some time from my hectic life to visit a Children’s Ghar which was literally like our own homes and spend some time with the beautiful young children. While I was admiring the well kept and tidy rooms of the children – which were…