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Voting is Must

All the parties are making rust
Tries to bad tricks to get the vote They give you clothes... They give you alcohol... They give you money too... And they also give you their hand on your head Promising you to develop the state Until you give them vote But once the election is finished And they have won They get lost... In corruption, politics and many more But then also I say... Voting is must And if they are playing tricks on you Then why don’t you do the same on them If they are doing corruption Then not you... If they are politically strong Then you are the one making them do so If they are misusing your vote then Why you are not taking steps Again do the voting and change the party Whom are sending to control your state Is he/she is able to control themselves By decreasing the rates of what you need daily No, then its time to change them Go for voting again Again vote for other And think yourself as the most powerful man/woman That’s why I say that voting is must... By:
Mohd. Ifteekhar
(Udayan Ghar child)