Reliving "The Moments of Motherhood"

In my family girls and boys were given equal opportunity in education, sports and arts. For higher education, however the boys took the professional courses while we did our masters degrees. The reason given was that we girls would get married and not do jobs. While one of my sisters protested I declared that it was fine with me to be a mom! I was 13 years old when I said that. Little did I know that that’s just what I’d end up doing. I had 3 children and 6 grandchildren of my own and then joined Udayan Care to become a mom to so many kids! God was really listening! I cannot thank him enough for granting me that wish because the joy and love the children have brought into my life is beyond words.

Today I can’t imagine my life without them. Their traumas, their sorrows, their joys and achievements are all an integral part of my life. I remember the first time one of the girls told me about what she had gone through. She had her head hung low. It broke my heart to see her cringe like that and words failed me. I simply put my hand under her chin, lifted her face up and told her that she had nothing to be ashamed of since the act had been committed by someone else. Till date I can never forget the expression on her face when I said that. Mixed feelings of surprise and disbelief were written large on it for she had lived with that guilt all those years. That night I carried her pain in my heart as I drove back home, fighting the tears that were clouding my vision. That was the turning point in my life, it made me realise that it is not about discipline and consequences but about bonding and support with unconditional and wholehearted love that can enable these kids to free themselves from their past to get on with life.

When 12 cheerful faces greet you with smiles,
When 12 pairs of hands reach out to hold you,
When 12 pairs of eyes are sparkling with love,
What can a mother's heart do, but melt?
When a little head quickly claims your lap,
When loving little arms entwine your neck,
When tiny little hands enfold your hands,
What can a mother's heart do but melt?
When the teenage heart fills with new emotions,
When her mind is full of fears and commotions,
When all she needs is a hug and patience,
What can a mother's heart do but melt?
When a mischievous twinkle lights the eye,
When a longing gaze seeks a gentle touch,
When a craving heart yearns to call you 'ma'
What can a mother's heart do but melt!

Ms. Dolly Anand,

Mentor Mother of 12 Beautiful girls
in Udayan Ghar Mehrauli.


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