Monday, December 22, 2014

Training Workshops on  Mental Health, Care & Management of Children in Institutional Care

Two- day workshops in December on 19th and 20th

The two-day trainings on Mental Health Interventions and Better Care for Children in Institutional Care on December 19 & 20, 2014, IIC, New Delhi brought forth a lot of issues that staff and volunteers, managing Children’s Homes, in NGOs or even GOs face, and brought structures to many such questions. Workshops were very structured and well thought out on issues like “Discovering and Caring for the Child in Every ‘CASE’”, Ego-resiliency, Working with Caregivers and Group Process and appreciated hugely by nearly 100 participants from Government: DCPOs, CWCs, probation officers, etc. and the NGO staff, even students of psychology. Resource persons consisted of internationally renowned Psychologists, Psychiatrics and Psychoanalysts like Dr. Achal Bhagat, Dr. Monisha Nayar-Akhtar, Dr. Deepak Gupta, Dr. Vikram Dutt, Dr. Shilpa Gupata and Gloria Burret. The highlight of the two days workshops was a skit on the journey of traumatized children, by Udayan Ghar Mehrauli children, assisted by pandies’ theater group. Mr. Aseem Shrivastava, Member Secretary, NCPCR, addressed the valedictory session and emphasized on the need of such workshops and insisted on giving children a fair field and that instead of so much stress upon Child Rights, there should be a lot of stress on Parental, and vicariously Institutional Responsibility. Dr Kiran Modi, Managing Trustee of Udayan Care, said that a lot of training, especially on mental health issues of children, need to be done to develop a cadre of informed workers, who deal with children in institutional care.